High Doses Of Love -New Video released on Christmas Day

My good friend Aleix Alabadí recorded this amazing on-take-video. This new song means so much to me in this current situation. I hope you feel as inspired by it as I do. I wish you all the best for these last days of the year 2021 and a 2022 full of opportunities to grow and connect. Thank you all for your wonderful support! I felt it a lot this year! I love you!

If you want to support me financially, I am very grateful for donations to my Patreon page. Every little bit helps in these strange times without live shows. Let’s all hope they come back soon… and without any measures that violate our human rights.

The video debuted on the Chartshow #3 “Bescherung” of the german channel Nuoflix (former Nuoviso), produced by another good friend of mine, Juri Merker:

You can vote for my songs in the Top 100 of the Nuovision Charts.

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