Mo Anton is an earthling born in Berlin and living in Valencia. He studied voice and piano at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and participated in the TV Shows Starsearch 2003 and Operación Triunfo 2006.

In 2010 he released his first album DE MO, co-written and produced with Manu Guix and Juri Merker.

He won the Gibraltar International Song Festival 2015 with the song Love Is, co-written with Jose Manuel Moles.

Composing and performing since he is 14 years old, he already performed with artist like Bono Vox from U2, The Scorpions, T.M. Stevens and Julio Iglesias among many others.

He is a Delegate of the Resonance Academy and the Resonance Science Foundation of Nassim Haramein. To help shift the consciousness and awareness of our society towards  empathy and collaboration, he writes optimistic songs that touch your heart, soul … and feet.

6. mo ANTON by Irene Sebastian