Listen To The Music/Everybody Needs Somebody – Video

After the success of my Banana Mo Video, here comes my next video featuring my beautiful Hawaiian Ukulele. I’ve loved and sang these two songs for many years and I should mention, that the Blues Brothers is my favourite movie, I’ve watched it hundreds of times!!

This video was recorded with the help of Irene Sebastián and Pepo Malone in a little over a week in Altura, Puerto de Sagunto, Moncada and Valencia and we had a lot of fun filming it. I recorded the music in my studio. As always thank you, Jorge Pérez of Moma Music Estudio, for all your precious advice and for lending me expensive studio gear, when I need it! Namaste!

It’s so funny, that people tend to react a little scared and embarrassed when asked to go on camera, but a lot of them, in the moment we started recording, lost all their inhibitions and performed like they’ve never done anything else!! Thank you everyone!!! You are all terrific!!! Especially (but not limited to):

Fran Conde, Richard Tres His, David Gadea, Rafael Arnal, Spyros Kaniaris, Sonia of Soho del Carmen, Pilar of Despensa de la Reina, David Garmen (you elevate the dancing in this video to a whole new level!!) , Manolo Sebastián of Pigmentos, everybody in the pub Tres Historias in Altura, Chiringuito Pantalán y Estanco Baladre in Puerto de Sagunto, Mercado Central Valencia, The Doobie Brothers, The Blues Brothers.

We sincerely hope you all enjoy the show and remember people, that no matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there are still some things that make us all the same! You! Me! …Them! Everybody!!

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