Relaxing Piano Improvisation

Here´s some piano music I recorded a few days ago on the beautiful Grothrian Steinweg grand piano, I inherited from my Grandfather Otto Meyer. It was lovingly restored by my uncle Rolf Müller, owner of Piano-Mueller in Germany. Although I’m just starting in the art of recording and mixing a grand piano, I thought I’d share this… and I hope you like it.

2 thoughts on “Relaxing Piano Improvisation

  1. Hi, I have a Otto Meyer piano and I’m trying to get more information about it. I have searched on the internet and could not find any information. I came across your post saying that Otto Meyer is your grandfather and was wondering if you could perhaps assist? not sure if it is even the same Otto Meyer but worth a try.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi M Botha, I’m sorry, I can’t really help you much. My piano was just owned by my grandfather Otto Meyer, he did not make pianos. I did not know there was such a piano brand. 🙂 What I can tell you, is that my uncle was the one who restored it and he has a lot of knowledge about old pianos. Maybe he can give you some information. This is his website:
      Good luck!

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