Video: Happy 75th birthday, Bob Marley!

Happy birthday, Bob! Today on February the 6th 2020 you would have turned 75. We deeply miss you!! Thank you for your wonderful music and for all you have done to bring more peace and love into this world!!

I hope you would approve of my version of your song. We shot this video in Sicily in summer 2018. We had a wonderful time there. Amazing old ruins, perfect beaches, the mighty Mount Etna, my favorite food… and the vibes of Bob Marley with the Ukulele. What could be better?

The funny thing is I worked on this video for months and yesterday I finally decided it was finished and I would publish it this sunday. Shortly after announcing that on my Instagram I came across an article that said Bob Marley’s 75th birthday was today , thursday… so I had to publish it today! ? Thank you, universe!! It was meant to be this way!

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